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First Mists Class

I never posted on how the first Mists class went. We spent most of the time introducing ourselves and talking about our spiritual backgrounds. The class is co-taught by several of the grove initiates, Chris Olga, etc. in addition to Phil and Sam, the founders/main leaders of the grove.
As we discussed our backgrounds they asked questions about why were were attracted to a particular path, how we grew or grew apart from religious groups we participated in. The teachers explained the background of the grove, how it belonged to the Henge of Keltria and why they broke away. They said Keltria wasn't spiritual or magical enough, they became too reconstructionist, and didn't like the leadership structure. (I think the part about how magical or spiritual they are is a matter of opinion and preference) Keltria also didn't allow participation of children, due to paranoia about legalities of parental approval. I think it's perfectly fine to require the parent to accompany a minor to a few rituals before agreeing to have them participate. It's the responsible thing to do. But apparently Keltria didn't even allow that, you had to be 18 to join.

Then they discussed ritual etiquette- both for pagan rituals in general as well as the grove's. Most of it was pretty familiar to me- we'd learned about it in UPS (University Pagan Society) and some of it is just common sense and politeness. There were a couple things I hadn't heard of before, like that some groups don't like you wearing jewelry or other accessories from your particular tradition. Almost all the rituals I've attended have been public, so they are pretty loose about dress.

I had to miss last night's class due to a cold. I've been sick since Wednesday, hopefully it will go away soon. I am feeling better though, a lot less tired and stuffed up. I posted to the list, and said I'd be willing to meet with a teacher to make up the class. I did read the assigned chapter in T.W. Rolleston's Celtic Myths, in fact I'm almost finished with the book. It is a really old book from the early 1900s- the copy I got from the St Paul library is so old I'm surprised they let me have it! It has cool Art Noveau illustrations. While the scholarship is outdated- there is a bit of a Noble Savage framing of the Celts- I haven't seen such an extensive range of Irish myths in one book. There are many stories I haven't read read before. It also included the stories of the Mabinogi.
The reading for the next class is from the Druid Renaissance (new title: Rebirth of Druidry) an anthology edited by Philip Carr-Gomm.
It's one I've been meaning to read. It's the only book of the 3 the library system doesn't have, but I've often seen it in used bookstores.
The other assigned book is the Druid Handbook by John Michael Greer, the founder of the Ancient Order of Druids in America.
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