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Defining Druidry

Getting ready for the Mists Grove class tonight. We are supposed to bring 2 essays to class: a spiritual autobiography- easy for me since I already had one written, just had to update and edit it. The other is our personal definitions of religion, spirituality and druidry.
I defined religion & spirituality but for some reason am having trouble with druidry. They don't have to be very long- 2 pages max.
Here's what I have so far:

While the dictionary defines religion and spirituality as about the same, the two words have different connotations to me. Many people, including many Pagans, today talk about being “spiritual but not religious” and see religion as too oppressive and rigid. I can see their point, but I think they are missing out on something.

 Religion is institutional, structured and organized into groups. Religions typically have clergy, an official set of practices and beliefs, and some way of educating or training their members. The advantages of religion include community, guidance of clergy and structured spiritual development. On the other hand, religion without spirituality can result in “going through the motions” in an empty manner, participating in a religious community mostly for social reasons and separating their spiritual side from the rest of their life.

 Spirituality is inner and personal. It is developing one’s own practices and beliefs either within the context of a religion, or outside of one. It is more free-flowing than religion. Spirituality can be very liberating, and help in developing personal identity and making sense of one’s life. However, outside of a religion a spiritual practitioner may lack guidance from others, discipline and spiritual direction. They may choose the “fun” or “easy” parts of spirituality and religion, while leaving the challenging aspects that they need to grow.



Seeking wisdom, knowledge and inspiration.

connecting with nature, honoring the spirit world, living an honorable life.

Being a leader, teacher

Hmmm...well I'll come up with something.
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