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Hello again

Lately I have been less computer-oriented (well pretty much since the summer) and so haven't been using blogs, checking ADF lists etc. Though in general it is hard keeping w/ ADF lists- even just the Dedicants. I don't even bother w/ Discuss & Naturalists they are too busy.

Anyway- still doing bits and pieces of the Dedicant Program. I have finished Hospitality & Fertility essays and have started Perserverance. I need perserverance just spelling that word correctly! I have attend High Days since last Lughnasadh, 2 have been ADF, so I will have to do a couple more of those. It's been quite the variety, several CoG- Covenant of the Goddess, 1 with Lisa, with Mists, and a Brighid festival.
I will need to start being consistant about Mental Discipline. I have been here and there using the morning prayers from Book of Hours: Prayers to the Goddess by Galen Gillotte. I may combine that with sitting meditation and perhaps get back into yoga. I can't remember the asanas very well, but I can get some DVDs from the library.

Mists of Stone Forest, the other Druid grove in the area, is offering an introductory class, and I have decided to take it, so has Lisa. It starts next Friday. I have been attending their Mistletoe rites on and off for a few years, and have been debating about whether to get more involved. But I like the people in the grove, know them pretty well, and like their rituals. I still may attend some of Red Pine's rituals or others in the community, barring schedule conflicts. So I will be posting about that as well.
Tags: beginnings, community, mists_grove
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