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Twin Cities Pagan Pride 2009

Now, back to the positive-

Twin Cities Pagan Pride was for the 2nd (or was it 3rd?) year now at Sabathani Community Center. Or should I say is, it's still going on today but I'm busy with D & D -with all pagans with the exception of Dan :) I wished the location was a bit more central- I had to take 2 buses to get there oh well. Lisa and I met up on the 23 bus
The focus of this year's event is exploring our roles in the greater community.  Lisa & I attended a panel discussion on "Pagans in the World" including leaders from several local organizations. It essentially turned into a big brainstorming session for development of our community as well as ways for Pagans to get more involved in the general metro community. We had lunch, then parted ways so Lisa could go to "Daily Charms & Charming" and I went to "Building a Pagan Community Center".
This past year, since I'd joined Unity-Unitarian I became rather out of the loop with the local Pagan community- or as we call it Paganistan
I'd perhaps unfairly taken my frustrations with UPS and other groups on the general community and sought one that was better organized.
Little did I know that they were getting better organized. The long-time effort to start a community center had finally taken off- Paul & Teisha who used to run Evenstar, a metaphysical bookstore that had closed down had rented out a larger space around the corner.
They called it the Sacred Paths Center. (They have actually been closed during Pride to encourage people to go to it- and to promote themselves there!) This is the only such space I know of in the country. There was Betwixt & Between in Dallas, TX but from what I've heard they have lost their space. The SPC is very close to my house so I can bike there- as is the case with Unity.
Murph Pizza, our resident Pagan anthropologist observed that while most faith communities have churches/temples and then community centers since Pagan groups are usually too small to have their own worship spaces it's the other way around. So we are all very excited about this. We also attended a Wiccaning that was put on by the Coven of the Standing Stones- we were curious, since neither of us has ever been to a pagan baby blessing ceremony of any sort.

At around 4 I felt rather tired of workshops and decided to just browse through the vendor booths, listen to the live music and chat with people. I ran into quite a few old friends & acquaintances including some I hadn't seen in a long time, and those I didn't expect to see.
Kathy, who we used to do ritual with was running her Iguana rescue & adoption group's booth. Scancy, a former neighbor girl who I lost track of, Lisa Sanders from the Norther Lights Autism Conference (NoLAR)
I introduced Scancy to Lisa and we yakked for a while, finally decided to go back and hang out at Scancy's place with some of her friends.
We had a great time and decided we should get together more often. It turns out she and her fiance Steve live quite close by over in Frogtown (the neighborhood between mine and the Capital Hill area)
I'm thinking of having our usual Halloween party and inviting some of these goofballs as a way to reconnect with old friends.
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