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Wedding Preparations

Yesterday we had the rehearsal of Lisa & William's wedding ceremony. (I'm a bridesmaid, don't know if I mentioned that) I'm glad I was there, because it turns out the beginning part is a little complex and potentially confusing but after we went thru it twice it made a lot more sense. That is after the procession to the altar, the attendants take their places next to the bride & groom but then for calling the directions we have to process round the area so a couple of people are placed at each direction. Then we process back. After that we just stand their while the officiant, Lisa & William do their thing. Also tried on the skirt part of the dress. Lisa's mom is making our dresses- and William's sister made her dress. She is still finishing up the blouses tonight- thought we'd be able to try them on before the wedding in case anything needed to be adjusted but guess not! But since my skirt fit but was slightly loose, the blouse probably will too.

After that we all headed over to Old Country Buffet for dinner. It's usually tradition just for the wedding party to have a rehearsal dinner but they decided to include family so they could spend more time together. We all had a good time yacking and munching. Me, Dan and the groomsmen ended up sitting in the table between the two sides of the family. William's groomsmen are all his gaming buddies- and I knew Matthias from UPS, and his friend Marcus. Marcus is my "partner" for calling West. We joked around a lot. I also talked with Rev. Phil Hutchens, the officiant who Lisa and I know as the leader of Mists of Stone Forest, the longest-standing Druid grove in the area. We discussed various Druid groups- he was telling me that tomorrow the Temple of the River (of which I'm a former member) was going to have a ritual involving dipping naked in the Mississippi River! I told him about the ADF Protogrove that I'd checked out, and misc. other Druid and Pagan doings. He also mentioned his grove was looking for/open to new members. So I'm starting to think about that. But more on that later after the wedding! It's tomorrow I can't believe it- it's been sneaking up on us the whole summer! We'll get our hair done at 7:30 then head over to the site and start getting it ready at 9, the ceremony will start at 11, and then we have to be out of there by 12 noon! (not sure if that includes the reception or just the pavilion ceremony area. We shall see. Let's pray the weather is good and all goes well...

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